Running Parallels Desktop on Mac- Nested Virtualization Unavailable. Help

I am helping a colleague run Linux environment on a Mac PC and I am using using Parallels Desktop. But I have encountered a difficulty here. I need to run another Virtual Machine within the Mac powered Linux environment. But nested virtualization is not available. I have not been able to enable nested virtualization on Parallels Desktop for Mac. I have tweaked everything and searched everywhere.

Does it mean that nested virtualization is not available for Parallels Desktop on Mac? Or did I miss any settings? Are there any walk arounds for this? Please help with your tips.

Nested virtualization is indeed limited on Parallels Desktop for Mac. However, ensure you’re using the Pro or Business edition, as these versions support more advanced features. If you’ve already tried adjusting settings without success, it might not be feasible with your current setup.

Consider alternatives like VMware Fusion or VirtualBox, which may offer better support for nested virtualization on Mac.

Why I actually went for Parallels Desktop was because it could integrate seamlessly with Mac. With it, one can easily share files between Mac and Linux apps. I envisaged being able to copy and paste codes between apps from the two OS. And it is lightweight too.

Now that nested virtualization has limited me, which between VMware Fusion or Virtual Box would give me the most integration that is quite close to what Parallel Desktop would have given me?