Rolling Release Vs Stable Distros- Which One Works Best For You?

One of the things that bother Linux users is distro-hopping. Today, I want to know which you would prefer between rolling release and stable distros. One is tempted to stick with the cravings of the latest features or the stability of updates that have been tried and tested.

Rolling releases would give you the latest software and features with consistent bug fixes. Stable distros on the other hand are rock solid with fixed release cycles and less downtimes.

So which side of the divide are you on? Fresh software as it drops or you prefer consistent releases?

If you’re using Linux on the server for production, stability is one of the important things. Therefore, I don’t think anyone wants to compromise stability just to use the latest version of packages.

As to personal use, I think it depends on the user. I always prefer to use stable versions of the packages and operating systems. But, of course, the other option is also preferable.