Reasons you would give to convince someone to use Linux?

For those of us who use Linux, we will often have reasons why we enjoy Linux and why we feel others should also use Linux if they wish to move away from Windows. In most cases, those who are used to Windows will always have an excuse to not use Linux.

What reasons would you give someone to encourage them to try out Linux?

The main reason to encourage someone to use Linux and not use Windows is that you do not need to counterfit Windows Update or Office 365 with software like KMS Auto and it is free for use. These softwares slow up your connection and is a violation because Windows is intended to be a paid service. Means if you do not have suffisent funds you need to go to Ubuntu instead of these malicious tricks.

When asked at work to do a project, i asked what OS?
Windows or Linux?
Linux it’s free!
Yes we did buy a copy, even got it available on the network officially!
6 yrs worth.

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