Quick fix for my "home office"

Hello guys!

I just have to share this with you:
I live in a rather big house with 3 kids and soon to be wife:)

I’ve built an home office(future remote/own startup?:slight_smile: )
BUT as it turns out,my 2 year old is rather fast on the keyboard…and really "helpful":rofl::rofl: so my office had to go into the basement.

So what about the speed online?
From 500 Mbit fiber speed…down to 40-50Mbit in the basement😪
We have thick concrete floors and walls + the placement of my office is as far away from the fiber-intake as it gets ,i have not gone with wires (only 2x wifi 6 routers) spread around for more coverage.

Soo…what happened?

I bought 1 more router and placed it in my office,then hooked it up to a gigabit switch and cabled from there to my desktop computer :slight_smile:

Okay…and now what?

I saved some hours of drilling holes and installing network cables throughout the house…

Cost for another router:
Like 60 USD

The result:

8-15ms Latency
280-320Mbit speeds now😁
Even with VPN(depends on server locations etc)

Gain: 250Mbit+ higher speeds!



That’s pretty good. I only get about 60 down wired and < 20 down wireless. House is also not very big, but concrete walls non-the-less creates terrible WiFi signal and I’ve had to just about abandon 5G and stick with 2.4GHz for better wall penetration.

Did you do Wireless-LAN with the 2nd router? Or mesh? Interestes in more details.

I did mesh:)

The model was huawei ax3 and it’s not truely mesh but rather “hi link” as it says in the app,so 3 routers working in sync letting me use the whole house seemless…

So 2x routers in the main “living” space of the house and then the last one in the basement/office:)

So going from 30-50mbits to 360mbit as max is an Insane improvement and saved me from buying an extra drill extra cat 6 cable for outside use also and time…

Not the best solution,but as it’s snowing today i’ll take 300mbits down there…will wire the whole house(maybe) when the temperature rises and some vacation is getting close :grin: then i will get 500mbits,but time is not on my side atm​:rofl:

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It’s a great solution. I do something similar for my homelab with WWAN as I live in a rental and can’t drag cables either. :+1:

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