Peplink Balance 20x (replaced my Ubuquiti ER10x)

So I have replaced my Ubiquiti Edgerouter 10x with the Peplink Balance 20x.

(I will post a review soon, this router is great at load-balancing):

Edit: Review is up

What finally pushed you over to Peplink? Also, I look forward to your review.

@unixdude Mostly, needing to improve the reliability and stability the internet connection at home. In the Caribbean it’s challenging. Peplink’s load balancing algorithms have been amazing at delivering a more reliable internet by combining ISPs.

Apart from that, just what we discussed here:

Edit: To add to that, previously, I used an Edgerouter 10x. It’s reliable but the features for multi-WAN / multi-ISP were either failover or combine. Both of these didn’t work well because there was a noticeable delay with failover, and when combined the ISP with increased latency would affect the latency of everything. With the Peplink Balance 20x there is no delay when one ISP has dropped packets, increased latency or outages and, I cannot notice when ISPs are switched (I’m using Fastest Response Time algorithm).

These posts really helped me fine tune load balancing with outbound policies:

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply. My concern remains about the availability of UniFi hardware.

Congrats! I hope your Balance is as boring as mine (as in works well/no hassles). :slight_smile:

So far, it has. Almost forgot that it’s there!

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Update. Posted review: