Overclocking my old "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B"

Originally published at: Overclocking my old "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B"

The Raspberry Pi 4 boards now cost around $200, sometimes more! Some of us may opt to dust off our old Raspberry Pi 3’s instead of purchasing a new version 4. You may remember my original overclocking posts for Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi 2. This Raspberry Pi 3 overclock post seeks to overclock…

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I was super lucky to get a model 4B 8GB just before the prices went up. I also won the “silicon lottery”. Being able to overclock mine up to an astronomical 2.35 GHz CPU and 0.8GHz GPU stably with the Argon Case holding up really nicely (It never goes above 55 degrees celsius for me at my current configuration)

The issue with my Pi 3 (I’m thinking it may be defective) is that it freezes randomly after an hour or two… I don’t know why but it does which is bad for projects requiring stability like a web server.

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