Office Suite Options

There are quite a few of them available, so which is your choice?
I was a LibreOffice user for many years, probably like many others, but recently I switch over to OnlyOffice and I really like it so far. More modern-looking and better compatibility with MS Office I feel.
What are you using?

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I’ve tried to open source office suites a few years ago but I had compatibility issues opening up MS word docs for work/school, so I gave up and went back to MS Office.
I’ve never heard of onlyoffice tho. Is it a spinoff from libre?

For me Google’s office suite works best, Docs, sheets, etc. Better than the open source Linux solutions.

Yeah I’ve seen some schools switch to that instead of MS office. That’s a good decision.

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I’m using LibreOffice 7.3 and also working fine with compatibility. Notice you that I’m not a heavy conversion user, because M$ documents is residual interchange for me with government and Institutional entities. XD


I have been with LibreOffice for a few years now and love it.

Prior to this, I was using OpenOffice which was a bit more limited and at this point, it is basically abandoned. I would not recommend that one.


Also check out

I currently just started using Calligra Suite. What I love about it is that it easily integrates into the KDE desktop environment which makes my workflow to blend well. It also serves beyond the traditional office suite offering more applications for painting called Krita and one for diagramming called Flow. All of this, within the suite.

Can you share a link, please?

You can get it officially from

Just have to choose the OS in the prompts and there you go.