Obkio's Free Visual Traceroute Tool: Official Release!

Hey everyone :wave:,

Today our team officially released Obkio Vision, our free Visual Traceroute tool that runs continuously to interpret Traceroute results for you and help troubleshoot network problems!

This tool has been in the making for a year, so our team is super excited for this release.

Obkio Vision can be used for free, or as part of Obkio’s app. Download it from our landing page: Vision Free Visual Traceroute Tool - Obkio

We also released a blog post with more information: Obkio Vision Release: Free Visual Traceroute Tool - Obkio

If you try it out, let us know what you think :grin:


This we can use! Thanks for making this available.

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It’s our pleasure! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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So I gave this a go. Using it to help me select the fastest free DNS for my location. Here are some screenshots:

It’s nifty. Easy to use since I can figure it out! lol

I wish the demo banner didn’t have to be there. If it’s free, it’s free. :slight_smile: Maybe add an “upgrade” link in the footer instead of branding ‘Demo’.

The data and UI is useful. I will choose Cloudflare (I hope I’m reading the results correctly. However, leaving it running for another 24 hours before deciding.

Can this run in docker? I’d love to set it up on my VPS :slight_smile:

Hey Rukie,

Thanks for trying out our new tool! We’re so happy you found it easy to use, since that’s definitely one of our main goals!

Also, thank you for the feedback on the demo banner!

Cloudflare indeed seems to be the best choice of DNS Provider. If you have any questions, you can also use the chat on our website for a quick response :slight_smile:

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Hey Ben,

The Demo version is only available in Standalone software mode. But, you can create an account using our Free Plan and deploy our Monitoring Agent under a Docker container!

You can sign up here: Network Monitoring Solution Sign Up & Try - Obkio (we also have a 14-day free trial)

Here’s how to deploy a Monitoring Agent, which includes Obkio Vision, under a Docker container: Docker Obkio Agent Installation Guide - Docs

It will however be limited to 1 Extra destination in Vision.

If you have any questions, you can also use the chat on our website for a quick response :slight_smile:

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