New Is there a VPN with a GUI for Linux?

I’ve been looking for a VPN recently for Linux and everything I have found so far is command line only.
Do you know of any that offer a GUI? I’d like to be able to quickly select different locations. Something under $10 a month would be great.

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Mullvad VPN is a really good one, they’ve been around for a while and accept crypto whilst not requiring any account so it’s totally anonymous.

There are fewer locations than some of the biggest providers but that hasn’t been an issue for me yet. Great service.

I’ve been using for 2 years. (my referral link)
The Linux client looks like this:

It has lots of settings and supports OpenVPN and Wireguard.

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Try PIA. I’ve been using them for years and it’s been great. Even after the buy out.
shadowsocks on github

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Hey thanks, shadowsocks is new to me:

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riseup is a good vpn, free and anonymous.
If you want a paid VPN, then I suggest ProtonVPN. it is excellent

If you’re good with a socks5 proxy, v2ray may the best. There is qv2ray, which is a very nice GUI.

As for the setting up the proxy on a VPS, this has a nice web interface.

Setting it up.

As for a free VPS, oracle cloud works well.

Can these really be trusted??

I think it a better setup would be to use OpenVPN GUI or Wireguard GUI with either a 3rd party VPN service or build your own VPN on a free Oracle or Free Google Cloud VM. Or paid @ $3 to $5.

I have been using Windscribe VPN for my Linux computer. It is prized at just $9 a month even though it has a free monthly plan with a limited 10GB bandwidth. The GUI is intuitive and very easy to navigate.

I’ve been using self-hosted OpenVPN Access Server on my home server. It provides 2 concurrent connections on the free plan and it’s enough for me.

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