Need something to monitor logs but not heavy like ELK/GrayLog

I’ve been looking for a way to monitor my Linux logs. My VPS is limited on memory so I can’t use ELK. I’ve tried splunk but it seems to crash in docker.
Does anybody have a simple solution or logs can be ingested and then sorted or parsed?

Hi Ben,

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You can try or Papertrail from Solorwinds. Both offer free plans as well.

I was looking for a hosted solution. I might try grafana Loki as I already have a Prometheus/grafana stack.
I don’t think Loki can transform logs tho, so that’s the down side. Wish me luck. :+1:t2:

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I have minimal experience with this personally but I have dabbled with Logstash. I am not sure if this would be considered heavy or not as I have a pretty beefed-up PC so I tend not to concern myself with checking usage on any program. That being said, it can do a bit of everything and multitask, track, and save logs easily.

I have logstash as part of my elk setup. It eats about 1gb of ram. My VPS only has three gigs of RAM. So this is why I’m looking for something smaller in footprint.