Moving from Windows or MacOS to Linux

Have you ever transitioned from Windows or MacOS to Linux? What challenges did you encounter during the transition, and how did you overcome them? Which Linux distributions did you find most user-friendly for newcomers, and why? Share your experiences and tips for transitioning from Windows or macOS to Linux?

@Nomad I recently moved from MacOS to Linux. However, this is not entirely new, I used Linux all the time and for many years. I was thinking of moving from MacOS to Linux and after seeing the DELL configuration and suitability, I shifted to the same. There is no challenge, it is all about the use. You will find very glossy items in other OS, whereas in Linux you will find more of a learning curve plus if you are using the Developer edition then you will find everything the same. Here is a repository that might help you

and you can use the same. Being a member of the linux kernel group, i am simply putting my efforts to help you learn something new.

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It causes a lot of challenges since some PC are more adapted with some operation system means it works well with Windows. Once you install Ubuntu it starts crashing and not working well or even suddenly no longer you could open. It is same for Ubuntu or Mac Os means check your PC performance first of all.

I had used macOS for years before I made a switch to Linux. One simple thing that overwhelmed me was keyboard shortcuts. I was completely dumbfounded as I couldn’t complete simple tasks because I was used to keyboard shortcuts on macOS. Someone suggested Gnome Tweaks to remap shortcuts. Used it to remap it to reflect what I was used to on macOS

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The problem could be revealed. Like for example even some Visual Studio Code extensions change key binding you could make longer time to be familiarized so what about full exploitation system changed keybindings? It needs a long time to be familiarized with new keybinding to say the truth.

I’m using Linux Mint on my work laptop instead of using Windows. Because I’m a software developer and system admin, I feel more comfortable working on Linux than Windows. Because I love CLI, I prefer to use it instead of GUI. Besides, I can say that most development/system tools work better with Linux.

Although I feel a lack of some programs like Adobe’s, it doesn’t have much impact on my work. I generally prefer using open-source alternatives, which are sufficient for me.

Adobe PDF solution doesn’t work for Ubuntu. But there is a lot of editors of PDF online. Then even you miss it you could use online websites like combinepdf or pdfresizer or docupub or pdfcompress or pdfedit whitout need to install a PDF machine program on your PC.