Microsoft Office on Linux?

Is it possible to run MS Office on Linux? I use pretty macro-heavy spreadsheets which I doubt will translate over to other software.

I’ve tried Bottles but it doesn’t work. The only thing I can think of is a VM but that’s not ideal. Any other suggestions?

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As far as I know, the only option IS a virtual machine. I have tried to find ways to work around this but the software is specifically designed for Windows. The only thing I can offer up is alternatives like LibreOffice or ONLYOFFICE which is meant to be a direct MS Office alternative.

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I think you have just 2 options here…

  1. Use the web versions which work surprisingly well and great for privacy.

  2. Use PlayOnLinux. 365 32-bit has okay compatibility. Office 2010 and 2016 have the best compatibility.


I have used these in the past and had no issue but if you like to keep and manage files offline, it can be a bit of a headache. I ended up finding an alternate software that worked for me.

@Space_Cat I think this is probably your best option outside of using a VM

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You can give PlayOnLinux a go. I have used it without any issues.

This is fair to point out. For whatever reason, these two versions work the best. I was using 2016 without running into any trouble but I am not an extensive user and primarily needed it for work at the time.

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I don’t really want to use a web version, I have tried using web versions of other software in the past and it just ends up being a hassle.

In am going to give PlayOnLinux a go. Thanks for the information everyone!


Welcome to the forum! I didn’t see someone new signed up.

Feel free to post in your thread again if you need more help. I have actually used PlayOnLinux for a number of things so just let me know.


Thanks! I seem to have it functioning for the most part. I ran into some issues with it crashing. I am not sure what I was doing wrong there but it seems to be working now. I am going to work on moving away from MS Office if possible.

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You can use office via the web browser:

Or use

For me, I use WPS office. It works well for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is compatible with most MS office formats to a very large extent. The app can handle macro recording and editing with the app’s in built macro recorder and editor. It might not be the perfect solution but it can handle not too complex macros from your spreadsheet.

This is the best office for the Linux: SoftMaker Office and FlexiPDF: Alternatives to Microsoft Office and Acrobat and you can make a purchase and i already used on the MAC the Free version called FreeOffice and it is the same as the Office. You will find it very straight and usable.

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