Linux Mint 21.2 - Victoria

Link Mint 21.2 code-named “Victoria” is coming out this year. I am sure most of you all know that already. A few details were spoken about its release though that I thought were worth sharing.

Clen Lefebvre has confined that the release will be for late June for sure and as usual, it will come in 3 distillations (Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce). This is all standard and nothing really to get excited over though. The features that were mentioned that caught my eye were the improvements to the login screen. There will be support for different keyboard layouts which is great. Both .HEIF and AVIF images will be supported as well.

There is a rumor of Wayland Sessions support going around but that has not been confirmed.

What are you hoping to see in this update?

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I heard only Xfce will be getting Wayland unfortunately. I was hoping to see it in Cinnamon.

I wish Cinnamon would update their apps to GTK4 because they look nicer, at the moment they look and feel dated.


I was going to mention Cinnamon getting an update as well. I have not seen or heard anything about it but it would be nice.

Other than that, I would like to see fractional scaling improved on Cinnamon. It would give me more options when it comes to screen upgrades.


From everything I have read and heard thus far, I might have to switch back to using Cinnamon again. They seem to be making some pretty solid improvements, all things people had been asking for too.

Is this still going to be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

Yup! They are sticking to that and I can’t see them changing this anytime soon. It is one of the reasons I am still very interested in Mint as a whole.


Nice. I was not sure if they moved away from that or not. I remember reading something about it late last year that had me worried. Can’t wait for this update.

It was disappointing to some that Wayland session support didn’t make it along without the other versions like Cinnamon, MATR and Xfce that were launched. Be that as it may, the update has proven quite valuable because almost everyone is impressed with the improved login screen. Even the addition of new image formats in HEIV and AVIF is commendable.