Linux + Metaverse = Mistake?

This is from a few weeks back. The Linux Foundation announced the “Open Metaverse Foundation”. Some have speculated that Mozilla has ties to this deal and Linux wanting to work with Metaverse but that is neither here no there. You can take a look at the announcement below:

Do you remember Gopher? It never became mainstream but was pretty much what Metaverse is and is trying to achieve. With the gaming sector, they want all VR gaming to be in one place. So someone like Nintendo would be fine with sharing their characters and creations with Sony or EA. It is never going to happen. They would lose money. Outside of gaming, there are uses but the focus seems to want to push this virtual reality space that most people have zero interest in.

This almost seems stupid for Linux to want to get involved in and Metaverse as whole has already lost a lot of funding/backers and the value has dropped. I don’t know anyone who is interested in this, especially not have what happened with Facebook’s privacy issues.

What are your thoughts on this?

You made a mistake with this. They are not working WITH Meta, they are creating their own version of it’s metaverse which, don’t get me wrong, sounds like a waste of time.

Based on how unsuccessful Mark has been with Meta, I can’t see them being able to do anything with this… But at the same time, knowing there is an alternative gives me peace of mind.

When I first heard this, I thought the same thing as you but it is a competitor. This is why I hate that Mark Zuckerberg used the phrase for branding.


I was going to mention the same as Space_Cat. This is meant to be an alternative. While I really don’t see this going anywhere either, we need competition in the space sector and I am all for Linux at least doing that.

We don’t want to get to a point where these new tech ventures are locked up more so than we already had to deal with. Open source should be the future.

That typo in the title messed with my brain. I thought it was LINX and not Linux lol

I do remember Gopher though. A lot of people said it was ahead of its time but ultimately, there was just not enough use for it. I think if Linux is willing to make a competitor here, they must see some value in it. Ignoring the gaming aspect of it, it could be a functional tool in the work place.

I spent the better part of this millennium developing AR displays (Microvision, Magic Leap, Microsoft), and the Metaverse (as a concept) seems inevitable, but it is hellaciously difficult to pull off. It depends on hardware, software, and the people who use it. This is a hard AND situation; fail on any one and it’s a failure for all. Add to that the desire to lock in customers with proprietary hardware and software interfaces, and I have a hard time imagining open software efforts working. So many things are in flux right now, and probably will be for a long time. Success is most likely to come from programs that concentrate on a need that can afford to sacrifice several aspects to win big on one. But I don’t think those will be open.


It just feels like the same hype around 3D TVs and Virtual Reality gaming. Like I know some people who are interested in these things but most people aren’t. It is not considered the norm or the standard and people still prefer their other alternatives and ways of enjoying content be it gaming, movies, or just generally communicating online.

In concept, a metaverse sounds amazing but it relies in so many different components coming together and almost feels like the corporatization of the internet which I am not a fan of.

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I always keep the video hyper-reality in mind. It’s where I don’t want the industry to go.


I do not want to see that either. I remember watching the video shopping experience by Walmart and it was hard to watch. I don’t know who this is for but I feel like there will be millions that want this out of sheer boredom in life.

I even got worried when NFTs became a big deal but it seems like most people lost interest in those already.

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Meta Verse is so interested in immersive experience with it’s applications and Linux has been known to be capable of utilizing lean computer resources. With the MetaVerse immersive virtual reality pursuit and with tools like High end virtual reality headphones, I doubt that Linux PCs would have the required hardware to run MetaVerse’s demanding applications.