Linux for Servers

What are you choosing?

I am currently using AlmaLinux for my web server after the untimely death of CentOS.
My Nextcloud server is running on Ubuntu.

I’m definitely more well versed with RHEL-based but I am enjoying Ubuntu more and more.


Ubuntu for my VPS, Debian for the PI, and Ubuntu for my home server.

I keep it in the Debian family for sure. :+1::+1:

You can also read some quick feature highlights on the major server distros here:

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I like to use OpenSUSE as it is rock-solid stable and I really like managing my system with YaST. The packages may not be the most recent but it works for me.

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openSUSE Tumbleweed (rolling release) Because I get tired of having to upgrade. I had a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS that I had to upgrade lol

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I prefer to use Debian on all my servers. Because,

  • It is lightweight and it can be run on low system sources. I also like to install all necessary packages by myself, so I don’t want the OS to have unnecessary packages that I don’t want to use.

  • I think it is more stable than many other distros. I haven’t faced any serious issues so far.

  • Its package management system (apt) is easy to use.

  • It is one of the popular distros and it is easy to find solutions for issues if you face any.

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I am also a ATP lover.
It’s kind of the go-to OS because a lot of the tutorials online truly are Debian and based so it makes following the tut much easier :+1::grin:

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Somehow, I prefer the simplicity of Ubuntu. It’s beginner friendly and has a wide array of software packages. Consider the fact too that Ubuntu receives long term support typically for five years, it naturally would be my first choice Linux for servers.


i use ubuntu for the desktop, debian for the server and redhat for the administration.


@sablokgaurav May I ask you if there is any specific reason to use Redhat for the administration?


@serhattsnmz sure and Redhat has many benefits for the administration and usually Redhat is much preferred for the administration as compared to the other OS versions plus me thinking of adding a RedHat certification :slight_smile: thought why not at least after working so many years in linux and this should be added. I am just pushing a new code that will help you all in my github codebase.

alles gut,