Linux Commands frequently used by Linux Sysadmins - Part 4

Originally published at: Linux Commands frequently used by Linux Sysadmins - Part 4

We are now up to part 4 of this five-part series entitled: Linux Commands frequently used by Linux Sysadmins. By the end of this series, we will cover at least 50 commands. Thus far, we have touched on around 60 commands often used by Linux Sysadmins and power users. Refer also to part 1, part…

That image perfectly sums up me using the dd command!

Question regarding wget vs curl. For just download a file, is there any benefit to one compared to the other? Maybe in terms of speed or security? I’ve always just used wget because it’s easier to remember.

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That dd picture made me laugh. :smile: Data destoryer, huh? It’s a lifesaver when other tools fail. Like a knife, it can cut, but I use it carefully and it works well. I vaguely recall needing it to rescue/transfer data from a SysV machine to Solaris, dd was able to get around differences between tar and dump (sysV). Normal practice was to tar | network-glue | tar to transfer batches of files between machines, but the SvsV machine used dump, and the dump | net-glue | tar chain failed. dd | net-glue | dd worked on both machines, and my advisor was happy.


dd, when fdisk is not enough.