Last week I moved 2 of my domains to Google Domains

It was either Google Domains or Cloudflare. My previous go-to registrar was Simply because a decade ago they had access to most of the domain extensions. Like .io. But now those are everywhere and around the same pricing.

I also use godaddy and Namecheap. Mostly for inactive domains.

What registrar(s) do you use?

I like that Google Domains allows me to forward up to 100 email alias (since I’m already subscribed to Google Workspace but paying only for 1 email account) from my domain to any email account that I need to. Without that, I would have used Cloudflare.

I currently have my sole domain at Vimexx, which I think only operates in the Netherlands.

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Another Vimexx customer here :slight_smile:
I have all my domains and a VPS there.


Welcome to the forums! Only heard of Vimexx today.

What a coincidence! Are you happy with them?

Yes very happy,
I do not need there support match, but when I do (mostly complicated stuff) they are willing to help, investigate and think along.
It might help I work for a dutch hosting company myself and am able to point them to the right direction.

But getting a ticket replay on a Sunday is still a big hell yeah! :smile:


Thank you, probably because it’s a dutch market brand.
Maybe you know TransIP, also a dutch brand but more known, but still part of the same organisation Team Blue.


I actually switched from Google to cloud flare since I don’t get charged anything extra on renewal.

Name cheap charges way to much for renewal. I don’t use them at all

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