Kind of a dumb question but

Okay I’m getting a used computer and it has dual NVIDIA 1080 cards, so they are bridged. I’ve never ran dual cards before how painful is it to set up?

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Setting up dual NVIDIA 1080 cards on Linux, you’ll focus more on compute tasks than gaming due to limited Scalable Link Interface (SLI) support.

Install the latest NVIDIA drivers and use nvidia-smi to ensure both GPUs are detected. Most applications should automatically use both GPUs if configured correctly.

While SLI’s gaming boost is minimal on Linux, for computing, dual GPUs can significantly enhance performance.

@hydn @tmick the fastest way to check install python after the nvidia blades and then install torch python package and then

"true" if torch.cuda else "false"
"true" if torch.cpu else "false"

it will check and tell on which blades are the gpu and which are only cpu compilant.

alles gute,

thanks Hydn Sounds fairly painless :grin:

thanks sablokgaurav I’ll give that a try.