Kernel must be loaded first

I am having a problem with writing a Start up OS disks. I have succeeded in making to startup disks for installation to separate HDD/SSD. I have reraed the Instructions and follow them and when I want to Install on a HDD, it tells me "Kernel has to be loaded first. I verify the SASUM256 nrs. but somewhere I am on the the wrong path. I Download OS’s from Source Forge ans sometime I cant find the SHasum256 data. I Am a Rookie and to top it all, an ancient in age rookie. I am doing this to keep the old Grey Matter operating before I sit on the Veranda with Blank eyes staring at nothing. LOL! Thanks in advance

Hey there!

Sounds like you’re diving into some fun yet challenging territory with creating startup disks. Getting a “Kernel has to be loaded first” message usually points to an issue with how the bootable drive was created or a problem with the bootloader configuration.

A couple of things to check:

  1. Bootable USB Creation Tool: Make sure you’re using a reliable tool for creating your startup disks. Tools like Rufus (for Windows) or dd command (for Linux) are often recommended.
  2. BIOS/UEFI Settings: Check if your system’s BIOS/UEFI is set to boot from the correct device and in the right mode (UEFI or Legacy).
  3. Download Integrity: Not finding SHAsum256 is a bit tricky. Try to always download from the official website or a reliable source. If the SHAsum isn’t provided, at least verify the download hasn’t been corrupted by checking its size or any available checksum.

It’s awesome that you’re keeping your grey matter active with these projects! Each problem solved is a new skill learned. And remember, the Linux community is always here to help out a fellow enthusiast, no matter the age. Keep at it, and you’ll be off that veranda and deep in the Linux world in no time! :smile:

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Hi Rosjj, I just registered and joined. Thanks ever so much for the Information you supplied. Yep, I am a real old Rooky with the myriad of Distros in this OSs. It is really a pleasure to use this as i have found MS to sterile and really flat looking. In any case, if you use MS, your PC is not yours as they have full control of your own property and got you by the B’s! I am trying out different Distros and what I have seen is beautiful and a pleasure and satisfaction to the eyes. I’m using Linux Mint 2.3, Pop, Makulu Linux, Manjaro and “Kali Linux” which is one hell of a difficult one. Makulu Linux is a very intriguing Distro and apparently for gamers and AI. I have downloaded your advice and I say thank jou sincerely for your advice, giving me more vooma to carry on stimulating the grey matter. You and your Loved ones, I wish a tremendous successful, and a happy 2024.

When I want to create bootable media, I don’t use those generic disk writing tools. I used specialized software for creating bootable media, and just maybe, that could help with your situation too.

Etcher is my go to tool to create bootable media on Linux. By itself, it runs a validation to check if the ISO is corrupt. Ventoy is also a good option.

Maybe you should just try this, it could help.

Don11 the problem is not only ISO is corrupt, the problem is all about the grant permissions accorded to create bootable ISO on a flash disk, the user could not be from sudoers file or for example the ISO is in a place that user doesn’t has permission to access could even generate ISO create boot problems.