KDE Plasma always has bugs

Hey guys,

I really love the look and customization options Plasma offers, but every time I use it there are so many bugs. It’s strange because I always see people touting its stability, totally different experience for me.
The most common issue I have is when I go to sign in or out of my profile, it just hangs and I’m forced to shut down. This has been a thing every time I’ve attempted to switch to Plasma over the last few years.

What’s your experience with Plasma? I’d love to hear which distro you guys use it on.

It’s always something buggy about it,the only distro that has been snappy and not made any troubles are “garuda linux KDE” it’s built on arch and at least till now has been fun to use.

The best way i think is to build up the system from “nothing” and carefully setup the right packages and get some sort of backup or snap from the time it worked.

Why it has these bugs(seemingly at radom) i’m yet to find an answer to🤔

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I used it for a bit and had issues with it before and after doing updates.

The main thing was it crashing. It would happen at random and every few days. Sometimes it would be triggered by a program and other times, no idea!

Another issue was it just freezing. I tried several different things, thinking it might be down to a certain program but I never found a solution.

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Same here with the crashes. Would happen a few times a week. I would have programs randomly crash as well. Mainly browsers which was a pain if I was reading or watching something. I loved the options of having animated wallpapers (I would custom make my own) but it just wasn’t worth dealing with the bugginess.

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I read the same. I guess this is down to it being on Arch. Maybe the code runs smoother on it. I thought I would ask about it here seeing as no one can actually pinpoint the bugs. I sure couldn’t.

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Yeah it’s a shame really,that most people noticing it’s buggy,but that its also no apparent reason or fix…sometimes it just works,then suddenly baam😔

I was looking into this as a possible option for my first setup on Linux but it seems like there are too many issues with it. It is stable but has bugs. I don’t think I would want to deal with that and have that be my first experience on Linux.

You know, maybe the bugs are down to users just not running bug reports and reporting them? I have heard of this being an issue on other projects. I would guess if people are reporting issues, maybe they are being too vague. Just a thought I had.

A fix for discovery, If discovery is hanging at the last 90% to show updates. It’s the fdwupd package. Uninstall it and it should respond again.

Do not crank responsiveness “up to 11”, It’s not worth and and you may get freezes more often in my experience if you don’t have a very good GPU.


I switched from Ubuntu to Kubuntu and no more bugs.

There is a reason I usually do live testing before jumping on a distro. I use a USB to boot it and test it in a live environment before I install. It really has helped me to have a first hand experience of plasma on the distro before I commit to installing and possibly detect the sign in/out bug.

By the way, Arch Linux and Fedora KDE Spin are reputed for their stability.

I agree somewhat in that I wouldn’t call Arch unstable. It’s one of my fav distors of all time. It can be just as stable as most for experienced users.

That said, for users looking for stability, I would recommend Debian or Ubuntu.