Ivcam studio for obs studio on ubuntu

I use OBS Studio to record videos. I could use additionnal web cam sources rather than the webcam of PC like the camera of mobile phone to film some other parts in the video. I could use ivcam studio easily, so I run the mobile application and windows application. However, it does not seems to be feasible when running on ubuntu. Is there any alternative to include webcam of mobile phone for obs studio for Ubuntu?

I stand to be corrected though but I don’t think I can studio is available for Ubuntu. However, I would advise you to use DroidCam. It offers a range of video quality that are fairly decent and it is easily customizable.

To set up, you just need to install DroidCam on your phone and DroidCam client on your Ubuntu. Set up a WiFi network and connect both devices. Go to OBS Studio and select DroidCam source in the option to add a Video Capture Source.

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I also used DroidCam on both Windows and Linux. Although it has some limitations, it works fine.

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