Is the Librem 5 worth it?

I don’t know if anyone here has a Linux phone or not. I had been considering one for some time and the Librem 5 sounds really impressive but it is not cheap! The starting cost is $1,299! I just don’t feel like I can justify spending that much on a phone but looking at other options, they don’t seem like they are worth me investing in at the moment. A lot of people say that they are only worth it if you are very niche about your phone and are okay with the limitations but every day users are better off waiting for the time being.

I keep thinking about these, because I’m starting to value privacy over other things, and I am certain that my iPhone is keeping tabs on me, and we know without question that Google tracks users all over the place. I’m not interested in a dumb phone again, but I don’t need a smartphone either. Just something with a few key apps (email, ideally Exchange-compatible; contacts; calendar; todos; Signal) . I’ve looked at a few phone alternatives and haven’t found anything I really like. I would love to have an alternative.


I agree with this. I use my phone for work so I can’t just switch to an old school flip model. My favorite phone is still the Palm Pre Plus. Not very relevant these days! I am hoping for a fully set up Linux device with all the features I need comes available in the next few years with out a ridiculous price point. I moved away from iPhones only to have the same privacy concerns with my Galaxy.

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As of right now, I would say it is too limited to consider paying that much. I think in another 2 to 5 years, we will see a lot more options instead of the 5 or 6 hard to come by Linux phones available on the market. More people are becoming away of privacy issues and have concerns. It is only a matter of time.

If I were to get one right now, it would be the PRO1 X (it comes out in December)

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If you value your privacy THAT much, then it is worth it. It is worth the cost and the sacrifice of being without certain applications. I want a Linux phone as well but I want to wait until it is has everything I would need without having to find work-a-rounds. I don’t mind paying that much for a phone. I pretty much already have in the past.

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Thanks for all the input. I agree with everything. Privacy is super important and while Linux phones are great, they are not where they need to be for most people. That is something to consider. I will keep an eye on them for now.

@Falkon that Pro1 X sounds pretty amazing!

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Yeah it is! It is very tempting to get too. I would have to look into it more. I am considering getting it as a secondary and just loading it with one of those cheap plans you can get online. It is a lot of money though. I think it is coming out priced at $849 or something like that.