Is Cloudflare Argo worth it?

Originally published at: Is Cloudflare Argo worth it?

Cloudflare Argo offers a significant reduction in network latency and connection errors—by an estimated 30%. Traditional network technologies often rely on static routing leading to slower and more congested paths, while Cloudflare Argo introduces a dynamic approach. This smart routing algorithm navigates traffic across the quickest available routes, utilizing Cloudflare’s extensive network of over 300…

Also, you can set up billing/usage alerts like this:

This will send an email alert after surpassing ~ 100 Gigabytes.


Login to the Cloudflare dashboard
Select your account (if you have multiple)
Click “Notifications” in the navigation
Click “Add”
Under Alert Type, Usage Based Billing, click “Select”
Configure your notification and click “Save”