I Think AI Saturation Will Revive this Old Web Platform

Originally published at: I Think AI Saturation Will Revive this Old Web Platform

Today, I want to speculate, so please bear with me, and read on – I’m only human. Pun intended. It’s becoming increasingly evident that a rapid saturation of artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our online interactions in profound ways. As someone who has witnessed and contributed to the growth of the internet from its earlier…

I guess I’m stubborn, I never quit using online forums like linuxquestions.org, this one and others.I don’t like AI even if it is more convenient or more doing and less thinking. The only place AI has really effected me is in the phising emails I get, they’re getting good and harder to spot (which sucks rocks) other than that it’s pretty easy to spot AI responses and chatbots. As far as the last time I spoke to another human…well, I rarely leave the house so I don’t get that chance too much, unless doctors count.

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I totally get where you’re coming from with sticking to online forums and being wary of AI. It’s true that AI has been used in areas like phishing emails, but AI will only be as good as the persons wielding it, and let’s face it, these types of criminals are not very smart.

However, it’s fascinating to note that AI’s capabilities extend incredibly far beyond just crafting emails. Assisting in complex tasks such as medical diagnostics, personalized learning, and even creative endeavors like music composition and database analysis.

That said, as with everything, some people just will prefer not to use it etc. But it’s people like us who are keeping the last of the classic forums alive. Another forum I remember spending a lot of time on was howardforums.com, oh and webhostingtalk.com. :cool: Nostalgia!

Haha and yes!.. doctors definitely count as human interaction! :sunglasses: I’ve made friends with mine.

Look, I would be the first guy to say “Long live web forums!” and shout “Revolution!” on the streets with a banner and a bunch of links to nerdy spaces for online interaction. That said, normal people just don’t care a single tiny bit about where they talk online with their friends. They send memes through social media and that’s it. I think we’re on the verge of the other way around, I think people are starting to just get fed up with online community things. The world is so fucking full injustice and the wage gap is getting so intense - even in so called developed countries - I think we’re all just tired of pretending everything is alright and that billionaires can just wave their dicks across our collective faces.

I don’t know man… just eat the rich,**** social media, join a forum about RPG Maker from 15 years ago and smash the state.

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Hi @Daniel_Coutinho :handshake:
Yes, that too. Social media we flocked to years ago, and now people are fleeing them. Many platforms have become cesspools of unfiltered content and hate speech, and at a rapid fire rate that’s overwhelming.