I like this (well actually love) , Windows 11 is bombing out

So I hadn’t thought too much about Windows 11, was kinda hoping it would die soon and they’d move onto Windows 12. Reading the article below Windows is going to try to keep 11 going.
The only thing I don’t agree with about this in the article is Windows 8 being the most hated, that honor goes to Windows ME. Windows 8 (although it was a pointless release) at least worked, Windows ME, not so much. It was pretty much a waste of electrons.
Windows 11 Article
So do you use Windows 11 or are you waiting for a worthwhile release?

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I don’t use it. I’m still on Windows 10. Didn’t upgrade. My wife’s laptop is windows 11 and it looks (at least the DE) very Gnome-like which itself looks very MacOS-like. That’s interesting.

So other than the DE of Windows 11 is it worse than Windows 10?

I’m a Mac and Unix user, and don’t use Windows. At work I have a single Windows VM that I log into; no idea what version it is. At home, I run a Windows VM (how do I tell the version?) for the sole purpose of programming my Radio Shack PRO-96 scanner. At this point I have no other use for Windows. It would be nice if someone released a PRO-96 programmer for Mac or Linux, but as far as I know no such thing exists, and at this point it would probably never exist.

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So from the articles I’ve read, yes it’s actually slower than 10. I even watched a video of a guy who ran them side by side and Windows 10 was faster except one test and of course it was something I never use (video editing or something like that). So yeah, wait for Windows 12 if you gotta have Windows newest.

Reboot the Windows machine, it says Welcome to Windows when it starts up. If you left the background at the default just post a screenshot Someone should be able to tell you.

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Well, your choices left off my answer: I’m sticking with Windows 10. :slight_smile:

I’ve already invested the effort to make Windows 10 barely bearable, and I will resist change as long as I’m able.

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Turns out it’s windows 11. I guess it auto-updated. I didn’t update to Win11 by choice.

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Well, at least you can honestly say if you hate it or if it’s any different then it was. :laughing:

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I guess I’ll say “I use Windows 11,” but my use of Win11 is extremely limited and rare. :smiley: For my purposes, Win11 does not seem different from Win10.

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So basically, it’s just like Win10, usable but in small doses. Sounds like the least they could have done is added new features. Yup, I’m definitely waiting for Win 12 maybe even Win 20 :smiling_face:


I use Windows for a couple of purposes, mostly relating to photographic processing as we (my wife and I ) both prefer to use Adobe products (for now at least).

I have to say that other than a bit of hoop jumping to get the upgrade to actually run everything else has been much of a muchness. I can’t honestly say that I’ve noticed any real difference in terms of speed between 10 and 11 and to date it’s been solid.

So if you’re holding off moving from 10 for “Reasons” I can’t say that I’ve encountered any after about 5 months of running it.

Basically, I’m wondering if it’s worth the money. From the sounds of it (everything I’ve read so far) there’s not a reason to “upgrade” to it. Windows is famous for “interim” builds (Windows ME, Windows 8.5) and I don’t want to waste money if not needed.
As far as the photography stuff, look at GMIP, if you can figure out how to run adobe’s stuff it should be child’s play for you to run.