How to install wampserver in Ubuntu system?

I am more familiarized to create a PHPMyAdmin database with Wampserver. I tried running Wampserver with Wine emulator but it doesn’t seems to run the application perfectly. Running Wampserver on vmware then there will be troubleship when trying to link the database of virtual machine with your ubuntu machine as it doesn’t work as expected. Is there any solution to have phpmyadmin database on Ubuntu with a solution similar to Wampserver?

Ditch Wampserver+Wine headaches. Go for LAMP on Ubuntu: Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin with sudo apt install apache2 mysql-server php php-mysql phpmyadmin .

Link phpMyAdmin to Apache, restart Apache, and access it via http://ip-address/phpmyadmin . It’s the Linux-native way to manage databases, avoiding Wine issues and VM hassles.

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If you are on Linux and know how to use Docker, you can create a basic docker-compse.yml file for that.

Some examples:

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