How do I monitor and check system resource usage?

I am using Ubuntu. I looked through all my options and figured this was the best distro to start with as someone coming over to Linux. So far, I have been able to manage getting all my programs installed and have everything set up but I am not sure how to actually monitor or check any of my system’s usage. I am use to being able to see it in a simple menu on Windows. Do I have to check these in the terminal or is there any kind of program I could run to check these things for me? Sorry if this is a silly/dumb question. I am still trying to figure things out.

HTOP is the best tool for this. It’s a terminal based program but it is very easy to understand, if you would rather have one with a GUI there should be one included with your distro. Just search for monitor.

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You can do it all right in the terminal if that is what you would prefer. As mentioned, you can also use tools to do this for you. It is really down to what your preferences are.

Here is a walk-through of how to do it through the terminal:

Here is a short guide on htop as well:

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The htop thing looks easier to me so I will try that first.

Do I download it from the site or should I get it through GitHub?

You get it through GitHub. The site redirects you to it. This is the case for most programs that are built for Linux. I’ll give you the direct link to the latest version below:

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Thanks! I thought it may have been a stupid thing to ask. lol

I am still learning Linux. I will be back with more questions, I am sure. I am getting this installed right now.

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Not a problem, this community is here to help and grow together. Never feel like a question is too stupid to ask. We all start somewhere in the wonderful world of Linux :wink: