How do I go about running Photoshop and other Adobe programs on Linux?

I am still learning Linux. It has been quite the adjustment. I was able to make do with alternatives for other programs and run games on Lutris (which was a PAIN to get working for me lol) but I can’t manage to figure out how to get Photoshop and other Adobe programs running.

Is there a way to do this? If so, what is the easiest way?

As far as I know, it will not run on Linux (PS). Same with other Adobe programs. You can use alternatives, such as GIMP for Photoshop but I would imagine you don’t want to do this.

In this case, you would need to set up a VM (Virtual Machine). This is a whole other thing you’d have to learn how to do.

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^ That is indeed the only way.

I use Boxes to create VM for my Windows programs. It is very easy to use.

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Besides easy to use, how has your experience with Boxes been? I’m curious, as I may need this sort of thing myself.

Sincerely speaking, you might not get that Adobe Photo Shop on Linux without an emulator which is a different level if technicality and might stretch your PC resources built for Linux. The best option though is to stick with native Linux apps and the first choice for me would be PhotoFlow. It can give you close to 85% of what you would get from Photoshop.

As soon as they don’t release a Linux version of these applications, you’re tied to a supported operating system. For a solution, you can use virtualization applications like Vmware and VirtualBox or you may consider using dual-booting.