How do I control fan speeds?

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So on Windows I used SpeedFan and had no issues controlling the speeds. It was easy and straight forward. I am not sure how to do this on Linux though or what programs/setting options I have for it.

I have a custom built gaming PC with 5 fans. It can be rather noisy even when I am not running intensive programs or gaming. I want to be able to slow them down a bit when they don’t need to be going as strong. I don’t know if any of the information matters though.

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The Arch wiki has a great document all about this here: Fan speed control - ArchWiki
Either pick one specifically for your system or just try lm-sensors.

You might also want to try this if you want a GUI: GitHub - tuxedocomputers/tuxedo-control-center: A tool to help you control performance, energy, fan and comfort settings on TUXEDO laptops. - haven’t tried it myself but it looks promising.

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I have used lm_sensors in the past and it worked quite well. You install that and then use System Monitor GUI to control everything. It collects the data for you. I believe this works best for (or only with) KDE and GNOME. I used it when I was using KDE.

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Have you checked for options within your motherboard’s firmware via boot menu? Some will have the options to control them that way. I mean you can’t really do this on the fly though but you can lower them based on need/desire.

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So I tried the im-sensors route and for whatever reason, it is not working for me. I don’t know if I am doing it wrong or what. I followed the guide and everything on using it. Maybe it just doesn’t work on my PC specifically because of the build? I can’t figure it out. Maybe I did something wrong.

Tuxedo happened to work for ACPI based fans but the control panel needs extending to support the keyboard drivers.

CLEVO works fine with it.
Not sure about others.

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I think using Coolero which is a fan control app is easier for controlling fan speed on Linux.
Just type on your prompt
flatpak install flathub com.github.gabmus.coolero.

Run it and it would show you graphically the curent speeds of your fan and also buttons for adjusting them.