How can I replace Offline Files/ DFS on Linux File Server?

I am using Linux system to run as a server for file sharing with Windows client. I am using Samba to make that possible. Everything is actually running just fine. The only challenge is that Offline Files (caching for disconnected use) and DFS Replication (data mirroring across servers) is not something Samba supports.

This feature is especially crucial because some users want access on the go and redundancy for disaster recovery. Samba doesn’t seem to have any solution to this quagmire.

Maybe, you guys can suggest alternative workflows that can help solve the situation.

It differs from if you are using as Windows OS and Linux virtual box or reverse. That means if you are using Linux and Windows OS as virtual box. Or you are using dual boot. Or for example you are talking about two computers. Or it is hosted on online virtual machine. Could you clarify this point?

I would advise that you use Network File System (NFS) to run your file sharing. It provides the ability to files to be accessed offline and can easily be mounted on Windows Clients. Your users would be able to access files on the go if you institute a backup solution where data is doubled to a secondary location.

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