How bad would it be to leave my PC on all day?

Is it ok to leave my PC on all day, not doing anything, just sitting idle?

I ask because I installed remote desktop app and I need to keep it running in order to access it. But worries about shortening the life of hardware. Should I be worried?

Meh, I leave my mini 1L PC running 24/7. Used Hardware prices drop so quick, it’s easy to replace failing hardware or find parts to replace. Ive never had issues.

Edit: I use cheap low end usff (1L PC from HP/Lenovo). I leave them on 24/7 to host my stuff. Cheaper than buying a pi ATM

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Not bad at all. The only time this becomes an issue is if there’s a lot of dust or air particles that could clog fans over time and also if the room is very hot. (90F+).

I used to turn off my pc every night but have been leaving it on 24/7 for the past 5 years and have not noticed any difference. Just more of a convenience of not having to turn it on and off

I worked remotely for several months. My PC was on all hours I was awake. It had no issue. Just be sure it is clean and not running too hot, you won’t have any issues. I once left mine running for 3 days. No issue at all.

As long as your computer is taken care of, you can leave it on for days without issues. Older ones could run for days and be a complete mess. Trust me. When I had to fix my father’s computer, it had half an inch of dust inside it all over everything and he left his on 24/7. That being said, I wouldn’t leave a newer one running for more than 3 days without giving it a break.

I would say this depends all on your computer. How new it is, how well maintained and clean you keep it. I would never leave a computer on for days without giving it a break but most can handle being on 16 hours a day.