HaydenJames.io is now LinuxBlog.io!

Originally published at: HaydenJames.io is now LinuxBlog.io!

Hello everyone, I’m thrilled to announce that HaydenJames.io has officially transitioned to a new domain: LinuxBlog.io! Also, check out our new LinuxCommunity.io website. This change marks a significant milestone in our journey together. Over the years, HaydenJames.io has grown from a personal blog into a bustling hub for Linux enthusiasts and tech aficionados. As we…

One area I forgot to touch on is maintaining user privacy.

LinuxBlog.io continues to decline any form of remotely hosted 3rd party advertising or related platforms. This means, like before, you will not be tracked by any advertisers: no remote ad cookies, ad agency IPs or advertising domains collecting or tracking your visits.

Earlier this year, we made a significant change in our approach to visitor analytics. Moving away from the third-party Google Analytics, we’ve embraced self-hosted Matomo’s open-source solution. This shift aligns with our goal of eliminating third-party tracking.

We have also completely eliminated third-party traffic analytics from linuxcommunity.io. Matomo’s visitor analytics tracking on the main blog, enables me to focus on topics that genuinely interest you, ensuring that the articles I publish and share from partners, are relevant and engaging, rather than simply reflecting my own interests.

For the past seven years, we’ve managed all display advertising in-house (on the same server that loads the blog) using AdvancedAds, further reducing reliance on external trackers.

Regarding our double opt-in newsletter subscribers, we’ve entrusted Mailerlite with their management. This decision was made considering the sensitive nature of the data collected during signup, which includes your email and name. Mailerlite, known for its commendable privacy practices and extensive experience in secure email subscriber management, stands as a trusted partner. Mailerlite isn’t free, I remain open to alternative solutions, they must be open-source, demonstrate proven security standards and not too time or resource consuming. Your suggestions on this are always welcome.

In summary, my personal stance is to ensure a seamless and private browsing experience. I believe that visiting a website should not entail unwanted data sharing with multiple third-party sites, a principle I uphold at LinuxBlog.io and LinuxCommunity.io.

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to reach out, I’m always eager to learn of more effective approaches, efficient solutions and time saving methods.

Congratulations on the new domain! I thought something was up when I saw my email today, but I see all the earlier HaydenJames.io content is still here. Yay!

My favorite linux hang out is still around. :slight_smile:

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Hi @mat. Nice to see you! Thanks for the kind words.