Has anyone tried Caddy server?

It’s not as fast as Nginx but offers automatic HTTPS, is simpler to configure as a beginner, offers a ton of Plugins and is just a tad slower than Nginx, so maybe not the best choice for super high-traffic web servers:

Curious if anyone would choose Caddy over Nginx or Apache :grimacing: and why?

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Can’t believe you didn’t have Traefik in there :grin:.

I tried Caddy back in the day, it was simple to use and I enjoyed it, but I moved to traefik for my docker services as I can use labels in my compose files to config everything.

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Yes, but it was a while ago. I haven’t followed anything they have been up to or any new projects. Is it work looking at in 2022?

I very much know that Caddy would not give the speed that Nginx gives but it’s automatic Let’s Encrypt remove the stress of manual HTTPS. For people that don’t have server admin experience, they can just get something done with the easy setup if Caddy. And why I would personally use Caddy is that it integrates quite easily with Docker and Kubernetes to allow for easy deployment.

Caddy and Nginx are two differents technologies. It is like Apache server and Ngnix server. They implement different manners the code. Either instructions for reverse tcp or udp or proxy are not the same. However, it is indeed true that Ngnix is more fast.

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I would always recommend Caddy for personal projects and learning environments. It is best for a situation where priority is placed on security and less complexity. I have always used Caddy when the expected traffic to a site is bound to be average at best.

The interface of Caddy simply present an interface to full control of security and role access. It is less complicated even from Apache2 or Ngnix that needs more command lines and more tools to set up reverse proxy or even security rights of any users. I could recommand Caddy too for the following reason. It is faster also in time speed.