Has anyone here received Linux certification?

This is something I would like to look into more just to open up the door to more career options. I am certified in Microsoft (my first job required it and covered the cost). I am in the process of getting certified with CompTIA Server+.

Linux certification though seems like a much bigger deal, especially with open source programming and software becoming more and more mainstream.

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Ages ago. But now i would recommend Linux Foundation

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I have not, but would like to if my job required me to dabble in Linux daily. Otherwise, I feel like I’d lose the knowledge. I use Linux daily at home and love it!

I second this suggestion and resource @penguinpie; there’s plenty of free courses here, if you ever feel like sharpening your skills somewhere or learning something new that the Linux Foundation might have to offer.

There are loads of free resources online as mentioned. I never felt the need to get certified but I can understand wanting to be if it pertains to a career path. It just looks better on a resume and is pretty impressive (and rare in comparison) to find someone having it on there.

What exactly does Linux certification offer at this point?

I mean to me, anything and everything you could possibly want to learn is free online. Most businesses still use Windows and Apple when it comes to operating systems. I don’t know a single company who runs solely on Linux.

Server wise, many companies are switching to Linux or embracing it; like Microsoft. :heart:

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