GUI Vs TTY- Could the terminal be a real factor in performance?

I think most computer users are already familiar with the Graphical User Interface with it’s flashy widows, icons and widgets. It boasts of comfortability and most newbies prefer it.

The TTY looks frightening on first encounter. It is just completely based on text. No fancy. But it prides in itself on being highly efficient and fast.

Let’s look at it critically.
Which of the two terminals would conserve more computer resources?
Which of these terminals boots faster?
Which of the terminals does every keystroke get responses?

Let’s hear your opinions on this. Do you think the GUI impedes performance? Which tasks would you prefer a TTY over GUI and vice versa strictly based on performance?

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Absolutely, GUIs are user-friendly but resource-heavy, while TTYs are lean and mean. A TTY will always use less resources and boot faster because it doesn’t have the overhead of rendering graphics. Every keystroke in a TTY is super responsive due to this minimalism.

For tasks like system administration or server management, I’d lean towards TTY for its efficiency. But for everyday tasks, multimedia, or anything that benefits from visual aids, GUI is the way to go. GUI can slow things down a bit, but for most users, the trade-off for ease of use is worth it.

That said, you are really discussing command line vs Desktop Environment (DE).