Google Play does not work with virtualization virtual box

If you are a Ubuntu user then you may think to install virtual box or vmware as a windows os machine. Then after complete the installation of windows 10 or 11 as a software. Then after complete the installation you may run your virtual box or vmware exploitation system. Google Play has only a Windows release. But you realize that application shows it doesn’t run as expected as virtualization does not work on virtual machine. It is similar problem to bluestacks when it stay on running phase and does not complete running fully till the end.

The first and most common culprit for this situation is always compatibility issues. You would have to check the system requirements of the particular app you want to run. Some developers might not have optimized their apps to run on emulated environment.

After that, you can check if you have set the hardware configuration for your Virtual machine to meet up with Google play hardware requirements. You might have to adjust the resources access like RAM, CPU and graphics card for the Virtual machine.

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