Google launched Gemini today. What are your thoughts?

My 2 takeaways are:

  1. They launched a powerful alternative to ChatGPT 4. But most likely less powerful than ChatGPT 5 because they are playing catch up.
  2. Although Apple is a difficult company to predict and they can be very slow to launch. I expect their response to this space within Q1 of next year. They have been already working on it. These developments will only increase the urgency of release.

On another note. With the launch of, I hope to see Linux solutions emerge in this space. Such as AI integration is DE and even in install scripts and more.

I checked out the Google Gemini showcase and found it to have some exciting features. It is said to work much better than GPT-4. However, I would advise being cautious when it comes to Google. They have had similar showcases in the past, but either the products never came out or didn’t deliver what they promised. Moreover, since AI is a sensitive topic, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not everything shown can be made public. For these reasons, it’s better not to get too excited until the product is fully rolled out.

Haha. Yes, spot on! I watched these today:

They have fumbled yet again!

Having used the two language models, I would say that I prefer Gemini over GPT 4. The very fact that Gemini is video compatible and I can upload videos to get summarisation is a huge feature that I think would help Gemini to gain market edge over GPT 4.

I’m not seeing that. How does being able to upload video give such a large advantage? I have not tried video but I know Bard (Gemini) cannot generate images. (Says feature is coming soon) are you referring to YouTube videos?

All the current capabilities still have ChatGPT leading. That said let me know why you believe video would make such a massive difference? I have not tested that so how exactly is it useful? Maybe due to your area of work.

What I meant is that you can upload videos to Bard and tell it to analyse the video for you. It can generate transcripts from that video, translate the audio from that video into several languages, it can do an analysis of the significance of several points in the video showing you the high points and thematic analysis of that particular video.

I am into content and I have used such video analysis to generate new content and run critical analysis of trends. My opinion is the video support capability for Bard gives it an edge over ChatGPT for me personally and that remains my opinion irrespective of what anyone else thinks.

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Yes that makes sense. If your usage case is for video and that is of great value to you. I can see how that would influence and benefit you specifically over other opens.

I was not aware that Bard could do this with Videos without YouTube involved. That is indeed pretty cool!

For me personally image, diagram and graph generation is something I make use of more.