GIMP feels lacking - When will we see GIMP 3?

I have been using GIMP for a while and I know there have been talks of GIMP 3 coming out but it has been a good 8 or 9 years and it still has yet to come out. I would like to have more options like on PhotoShop but that can’t be run on Linux.

Hey, good question!

See the latest official info about Gimp 3 here:

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I’ll be honest, this is why I would go down the route of dual booting, or even a Windows VM natively, If you need solid Windows applications.
I used to do this with my MacBook, it worked great (didn’t try Photoshop tho, too rich for my blood).

Certain programs just can’t be matched. While most people are fine with using GIMP, more experienced artists and designers need more. I am hoping GIMP 3 brings more to the table. From what I have read, I think a lot of people will be impressed by it. The layering needed an overall and based on the 2.99 release, things are looking promising!