Gentoo Vs LFS- Which works best for optimization?

Sometimes, we might feel the need to build our own Distros either as a need for inch perfect optimization or for any other reason. To do this, there are two popular options. These are Gentoo which offers users a chance to “Do it Yourself” and LFS (Linux From Scratch) which offers users a chance to “Build it Yourself from Nothing”.

Gentoo offers you the control to tweak every setting, compile programs how you want it but the learning curve is really steep. LFS on the other hand let’s you build everything from nothing. It is hardcore.

Which between Gentoo and LFS do you think would be the perfect option to optimize your Linux computer to squeeze every ounce of virtue from it? Have you used anyone? Any challenges you faced? Any failures you faced?

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While Gentoo offers customization but the freedom given by LFS for you to start building your own system right from the foundation makes you fashion it exactly to the available hardware at your disposal and your specific needs. You have the liberty to be diligent to choose your kernel option, compiler flag and library to suit the needs of your computer hardware and your own needs.