Generating Secure Passwords for your Linux Server

Originally published at: Generating Secure Passwords for your Linux Server

During security audits, sysadmins will often have to set up new servers or harden existing server passwords. As a result, secure passwords have to be chosen for SFTP, admin panels, etc. Many practices make a server secure, but often neglected is using secure passwords. Notice that I didn’t include SSH or MySQL root passwords above.…

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What perfect timing to be seeing this on the forum. I am getting ready to start my first Linux based server so this is handy to know. Security is super important, as we all know and setting it up right for a server is crucial. Are there any other sources you can link me to for setting up a Linux server for the first time?

I still haven’t got behind using authentication keys for SSH yet. If I lose the key, I’m permanently locked out aren’t I? It seems a complex password is a better choice. I also use MFA to protect SSH which seems to be as good as security can get. Definitely open to being shown that I am wrong, definitely no expert here.