Formula 1 fans?

Does anyone else follow Formula 1 racing?

I do! My favourite types of racing are endurance / GT racing though. What about you? How long have you been following F1 for?

F1 is my #1 sport. I’ve been following since I was 8 years old. So almost 40 years now.

I like the tenical nature of F1 and how all manufacturers can push in verifying methods and routes to achieve the best chassis, power unit, and aerodynamic downforce performance.

It reminds me a bit of Linux distros and how they vary so much but from the Linux kernel at their core.

Mercedes = Fedora (changing their car mid-season)
Red Bull = Arch (always willing to push for the cutting edge)
Ferrari = Debian (been around forever and always one of the top teams)

Recently I’ve started to follow Indy racing a bit as well.


That’s amazing, you’ve been following for so long! I have been following since 2013 I think. I have a huge appreciation for the technical aspect of it too, I especially love the cars mould the air essentially to go faster, and how designers and engineers can come up with ridiculously intrinsic designs to go that bit faster. Have you read “How To Build A Car” by Adrian Newey?

Also love the analogy to Linux distros - it’s very fitting somehow.

And yeah, I have sort of started to prefer WEC/GT racing as it gives me more of the feeling that I had when I started watching F1: It’s all about racing. I have the feeling, but it’s perhaps just me getting to know more about the sport, it has become very “political” or “dramatical” in a sense—what I mean is, sometimes off-track drama takes away the attention from racing. I’m not really sure how to phrase it. Perhaps you can give your opinion on this as you’ve been watching for far longer.

My favourite race of the year must be the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. I have been there a couple years ago and the atmosphere is just phenomenal. It’s like a Disneyland for racing enthusiasts :slight_smile: