Flatpaks are NOT new user friendly - How can they fix this?

Maybe it is just me, but I have never found flatpack builds to be very user-friendly for new users. I for one have a bit of a gripe with the developer end and my experience overall has been lackluster. Building from source ends up being more of a chore than something I should otherwise enjoy.

What are some improvements that can be made to make building flatpaks better?

I don’t see any valid reason for them to exist when package managers do a wonderful job at what they do. Flatpaks tend to be glitchy and outdated in my experience and I am much happier using apt to get whatever I need.

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Welcome to our community! I’ve found myself increasingly wary of package manager alternatives. I feel we have already a good variety to choose from. apt, dnf, pacman, zzpy, portage, etc. and its part of the process of distro selection.


I have never had any issues with managing flatpaks. I don’t develop them or build them though so I have no experience with this. From what I have read online, most people who do have no issue. People new to flatpacks are already going to be more well-versed in what you would need to begin with.

Nope not just you, I’ve never been a big fan of flatpack or snap, I’m not so thrilled with pip either (seems to be always missing packages it needs) I basically just use apt-get or Synaptic other than that I rarely go for non- distro packaging, there’s a reason they are packed by your distro and I’m not pushing my luck (more than I already do) with things that might miss dependencies that my distro uses (gotta luv dependency hell; ah the good ol’ days of M$ .dll hell-- yeah right)

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I feel like they just make things a lot harder than they should be, all things considered. I have been told otherwise but I am glad to see other people out there who feel the same way I do. And yeah, pip can be a real pain.