Fedora 37 Delayed

This is nothing new for Fedora. They are notorious for announcing delays so I am not surprised by this. The delay is due to an OpenSSL bug and they are now hoping to get it released on November 15th. I have had my eye on it but the delays are getting quite annoying. I understand the delay for something like this though. I would not use it with a bug like this. Too big of a security breach.

If it is released on the 15th, will you be using it or updating to it?


Yeah, this tends to happen with a Fedora but at this point, I am fine with it because it shows they are willing to catch and fix issues without allowing security issues to go unchecked. I would rather have a delay than a vulnerability, even if it is only a few days.

I’ll be updating for sure. I usually do the following weekend after a release.


I agree with @coastL the delays are a minor inconvenience for better security. It beats dealing with Windows and their nonsense of rolling out broken versions only to have multiple updates that are just a pain in the backside.


Is Fedora your main distro? It seems like it is one of if not the most popular. I switch around but always come back. I was to see what has been updated and changed. If it works out, I may end up sticking with Fedora for awhile.

Is the date still set for the 15th? Anytime I do an update like this, I do a fresh install which takes me a few hours. I would have to plan for it for that weekend since the 15th is on a Tuesday.

Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project shows Fedora 37 as a "beta’ release as of 11/11/2022 (today)


Nice! I always wait. I don’t like to mess with beta releases unless it is just to test stuff. This means it will be a full release soon enough.