Fedora 36 Released

For anyone who was waiting for it, Fedora 36 was released.

There are a number of improvements they have implemented as well as other general updates.

You can see what was changed in this short read on their website.

I might do a fresh install this weekend!


Keep us updated! Server or personal use?

I was wondering when this was going to come out. I had been watching it for a bit and then stopped checking for updates. Sure enough, it gets released when I am not paying attention!

Going to check out the updates and see if I fancy myself an install tonight!

Hmm to VM or not to VM? That’s the question, I’m still mad at them for Fedora 8 :joy:


I will give this a try and see what is new. I tend to only change if it seems worth it so I will test it first. I too like to do fresh installs but after doing it once before with Fedora and having issues, I like to triple check before I proceed.

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I had this happen after a Mint update. Was so annoying. I did a fresh install and got everything set up, only to have to go back to the previous version because of bugs. An entire day wasted!

I want to see what your experience are with the update and install if you did it @penguinpie

I am honestly too lazy to go through the process without knowing it is worth it from someone I can actually talk to about it. I tried asking on another forum and no one responded.

So I had it up and running. Thought I would come back and share my thoughts. Most of the updates are not really on the surface, outside of GNOME 42.

The RPM database is now on /usr. Wayland support has been added for NVIDIA users. Other minor updates as well as ones we won’t see make a difference until further down the road.

I’d say it is worth it if you plan on using GNOME 42 alone as the dark theme looks really nice.