Experiencing repeated network issue after a kpatch update. Any help?

I am running Ubuntu Server 20.04 on a production machine. There was a sudden update that there was a security vulnerability that was prevalent. Trying to be proactive, I applied a kpatch update. Not too long after, I started having issues with network drops. It became really recurring. All applications relying on internet connectivity stopped working and ping commands were just timing out.

The system logs showed error messages that read, "Failed to load module: mynetdriver.ko.I uninstalled and installed network drivers again and still the network issues is not solved. Is it possible that the kpatch messed with my kernel modules? How do I solve this? I would really appreciate any assistance.

Reinstalling tye drivers without being able to identify the root cause of why the kpatch is causing issues with Kernel Modules won’t solve the problem. We actually need to troubleshoot to know the cause of the issue.

One approach is to use Ismod to check your module loading. Check for mynetdriver.ko and see if it is listed. If it is not listed, you would have to find a way to manually load it. You would use

sudo modprobe mynetdriver.ko.

Check to see if any error messages would pop up.

@Don11 @Slys You should check the network availability with the following


after checking this then you can activate the corresponding drivers. You will find all the information if you just list

$sudo apt list | grep driver 
$sudo apt list | grep ^driver 
$sudo apt get list | grep driver$

once you have all this information then you can autoupdate or remove or install the corresponding drivers for the same and after that please do the following

$sudo ctrl start 
$sudo ctrl stop 
the service accordingly or make a check with this

alles super,

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