Evolution's mailing list is ending

So I was checking my email and in the Evolution mailing list that I’m subscribed to I found this:


As we have been communicating during the past few months GNOME’s Mailman platform is being decommissioned (python2 deprecation, major burden in managing lists spam). The deadline is currently set to the end of October 2022. Mailing list subscribers are invited to migrate to GNOME’s Discourse instance [1]. Neil made sure [2] to create a set of tags you can re-use to initiate a new topic in the new platform, if a tag is missing please reach out to me directly.

Jehan (from the GIMP Team) kindly provided some instructions you can follow [3] in order to safely migrate your reading workflow to Discourse. The new platform supports several login methods including your GNOME Account and other major OpenID providers.

After the deadline of the end of October Mailman archives will remain alive in read only mode for posterity. If the mailing list was used behind an alias, please let me know so we can re-do the same setup but on Discourse instead.


P.S All the l10n lists are still pending code changes in damned-lies, the deadline to decommission those lists may slip by a week or two depending how soon those changes will be made available in DL codebase

[1] https://discourse.gnome.org

[2] Re: Moving final mailman lists over to discourse

[3] Welcome to GIMP forum on GNOME Discourse - #5 by Jehan - Community - GNOME Discourse



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11 DAYS BEFORE they drop it… SON OF A _____ plus a few other “choice words” were uttered after this email.
Yes I’m mad about it, I’ve used this list since before Fedora was a thing and came to depend on it for troubleshooting assistance.
DAMN GNOME and their choices, yet another poor choice. I guess I’ll have to live with it though as I haven’t found another program for email, Thunderbird doesn’t allow local mail (log reports, etc.) to be set up and Clawsmail isn’t compatible with Google’s new authentication ( and I’m not a programmer) sadly.
Well, I guess I’ll let you folks get back to your day.

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I am glad I moved away from GNOME’s mailman when I did. There are some options outside of what you mentioned. L-Soft Listserv has been around for a long time and is still running. If you are okay with being dependent on SES, then Sendy is another option.

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What was the actual reason for the decommission? I don’t understand why they are abruptly stopping it and hardly giving people much time to migrate. It seems a bit bizarre. Maybe I am overlooking something?

So according to GNOME this has been in planning for 3 years or longer. Their claim is it will be less administration and easier to control SPAM along with Mailman v 2 being outdated. They also claim it’ll be no change to people that are used to the mailing list format etc.
So the ones that have actually tried to make the conversion were, well let’s just leave it as far from impressed. So basically they “thought” they communicated the change in a timely manner, but the discussion was held on a site that was for people heavily in the GNOME project. Those that just use Evolution and don’t actually participate in the GNOME project wouldn’t have seen it. Yes there’s been a flurry of emails since this announcement (roughly 150 and counting) I for one won’t be using their new format mainly because it’s been lumped into the applications group and would be a pain in the a55 to filter out the other “applications” in the group that it was lumped in with. So I guess I’ll just file bugs instead of asking questions to that list. There is talk of starting another mailing list on a different platform something like evolution-users@mailing-list. org but I haven’t seen much agreement on that subject either.

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One + is that you are already familiar with Discourse. Yes? Plus, we use Discourse here as well.

I’m familiar with it (Discourse), here and my VPN solution (Air VPN) and one other thing I use has a Discourse site too. The drawback to the way GNOME did theirs is they lumped all of the apps into one thread. Where here there are different sections so I can follow certain things. Or ignore other things. There is supposed to be a way to add the “tags” for just Evolution, and that doesn’t work (people on the mailing list have been trying to set it up) and seems like a lot of unneeded hassle. But hey they extended it out to mid-November to give more of a chance to convert over. So sort of Yippe!

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This is good news. I was hoping they would because a lot of people had been complaining. I know someone on another forum who will be happy. He was in a rush and didn’t know how to migrate everything over. Since he is super busy with work, he was in panic mode over it. I will let him know he has a bit more time in case he had not heard. Thanks for the update.

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Well here’s how this turned out:
As most of you will be aware, the GNOME Project has announced that its
mailing lists, including this one, are to be transitioned from the
Mailman system to a Discourse (web-based) forum.

The new forum has already been set up and can be found at:

Note that Discourse does support a mailing list based access method,
but that isn’t its main focus. so for those of us who prefer a more
traditional mailing list along the current model, we (the moderators,
with input from Milan) have asked the Oregon State University Open
Systems Lab (OSUOSL) to host a new list for Evolution users, and they
have agreed.

The new list information page can be found at:

New list location

We’ll refer to these various instances as follows:
OLD: the current list ([email protected])
NEW: the new list ([email protected])
DIS: the new Discourse instance (see above)

Some points to note:

  • Users can subscribe to the NEW list from now, but for the time being
    posts will be held (deferred) until nearer the time the OLD list is
    shut down. This is to enable a smoother transition of the archive,
    hopefully without loss of data.
  • Membership of the NEW list is entirely voluntary. We decided not to
    auto-subscribe anyone, so if you’re interested, you need to do this
    yourself (see the NEW list page above). The NEW list has uploaded
    the existing archives from the OLD list.
  • At some point in the next few days, mail to the OLD list will start
    to bounce. It’s currently unclear if we’ll get a warning before this
  • In the interests of continuity, we encourage people to keep the same
    email address on the NEW list as they used on the OLD one.
  • You can of course subscribe to DIS as well as NEW, but please DO NOT
    CROSS-POST between any of these lists. Cross-posting has a lot of
    potential for confusion as replies will by default also be cross
    posted, often leading to incomplete threads on one or more forums.
    If you want to post something in more than one place, choose one
    primary and then refer to it by URL in the other places.

Thanks to all who collaborated on this, especially Lance Albertson of
OSUOSL who has been indispensable in getting this to work.


So basically there’s a Discord site and an actual mailing list now. They’ve even updated the Help page with the new info. The help section (in Evolution)will be updated by the 3.47 release.
I don’t know about anyone else but I’m twitterpated about it. I guess it’s been solved, and they said you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time, HA :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :grin:

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