Elon Musk Buys Twitter - Now what?

So it happened. Elon bought Twitter and it seems like a lot of people are upset about it. Even government officials are not too happy about this and it makes me wonder why.

What happens next?

Do you think crypto will be affected? Maybe he works this into his other tech ventures to be a comparator to the Metaverse?

I think he was playing a game of chicken, and so now he needs to pay up :joy::grin:.
But in all seriousness, I don’t know why he would buy Twitter. There’s nothing valuable about it, IMO.

He is looking at it as an investment and said himself he feels it is a goldmine of wasted opportunity.

So I can bet you he ties in crypto and transactions somehow.

I think people are going to leave in flocks and Twitter will become a wasteland in a few years. The Internet community in general was not in favor of it. And I’m surprised that Twitter did it. I truly don’t see this turning good for Twitter even though I really like Elon musk. But what do I know I’m not an investor.

Twitter stocks were down and if they didn’t sell, it likely would have crippled it in terms of value.

I for one don’t think it was worth 43 billion but that is just me. I used it back in 2009 for a short period and got bored with it.

Think of i this way:

Twitter is huge!! Both for private usage and companies(newspapers and corporate)

If you control it,you directly own the narrative and can

a) form it to benefit you
b) let both sides get on the discussion without sensoring the “bad” side as it used to be
c) give more freedom of speech to the platform as a whole

At least in some countries as long as you fit in the given “narrative” and support whats given to you from the only side thats not being cut off,then you are good to go,BUT if you question it(at least in public) you are a bad person…:sweat_smile:

This is by no means ment as a political view,i just mean that it has been used that way,and maybe that is now changing for the better(maybe)

Discussions are made by 2 sides,otherwise it’s an monologue or a order.

Many businesses has chosen to be on twitter,as it is an effective channel to reach out to the masses,some might quit using it as a result of musks purchase,but i think most will stick around…

Social media overall is such a important channel to be “on” that stopping it regardless of who owns it might prove to be “bad” for your company or global reach…time will tell :slight_smile:

I have used Twitter on and off since maybe 2011. It has changed a lot, especially from 2015 onward. I don’t know what happened but everything became offensive and a lot of people were either banned or forced to not express themselves for one reason or another.

I stopped using it almost entirely around 2018. I just had enough. I hope this sale means it will return to what it once was. Just a space to share thoughts, ideas, and connect with people. No more of this political nonsense.

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Similar to things @nightstar and @KCT have mentioned, having an undeniably large and active social media platform provides a great opportunity for communication, reach and promotion for businesses and entities.

Twitter can also be very influential towards current issues, social commentary, rapid spread of breaking news, etc.; and perhaps having Elon own the organization puts a bad taste in the mouths of those opposing the ownership due to power he might hold in influencing the influence and playing a hand in shifting public opinion. So for example maybe one scenario might be that Elon’s decisions affects Twitter in such a way that public opinion brings worry and concern to government entities (as @Cache mentioned), whose responsibilities and decisions may need to take into consideration the somewhat-influenced public opinion, which may have friction with higher-level decision makers.

With the scenario above, this could be good for the people, but it very much depends on context.

On another note, Elon is undeniably smart and probably has quite a few technological ideas that he’s pining for, with the assets and connections he possesses. It could be cool, but it could be not cool; very ambiguous what this event will evolve into.


Elon is one of those guys who plans for his plans.

No one has any idea what he is up to but he seems to be enjoying himself on there. Made a joke about Coke yesterday. I heard he was in a major Tesla meeting the morning he bought Twitter and no one had any idea he was buying Twitter. It wasn’t even brought up. He is a gifted multi-tasker and one hell of an intelligent guy. I will be keeping an eye on Twitter to see where this goes. I might even sign up again.

I have never been a big Elon fan. He is a smart man but he is also very “about HIS vision” and I feel like if you don’t agree with him for any reason, he views you as nothing more than a brick in his way. He is convinced he will be living on Mars in his lifetime and his ex-wife believes this as well.

I think the purchase of Twitter was with intent. He is a smart investor. We will have to wait and see what he does.

We just have to hope he uses his power for good I guess.

I don’t exactly trust Mark over on Facebook. I mean I have more of a reason to trust Elon. He has been pretty transparent with his ideas and his work. I do not want the government to take control of the internet space. We see how bad that can become in places like China.

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