Domain login but for Linux?

I work with Windows at work, and I love that all of our servers are on a domain controller. At home I use Linux.

I have 5 or 6 Ubuntu servers. I would like to place them on a Linux type domain system so I could have one login for all of them. What would be the best / easiest method for this? Anyone have a good guide? I tried freeipa but that’s heavy and I never got it to work :-/

I would like to keep it open source if possible, and maybe in docker or lxd.

Hi @Ben. Would you be referring to something like this?: Joining Linux Hosts to an Active Directory Domain with SSSD and realmd .

Yes, But without the windowsDC. I’m looking for a Linux domain controller alternative.

I think the closest thing I can find is Samba in docker.

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Ahh ok. Also, have a look at this: GNU/Linux domain controller, alternative to Windows domain controller - Bind9 + LDAP + Kerberos + SSSD

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