Does postmarketOS truly allow Linux to run on mobile devices?

One thing that I have desperately longed to experience is the freedom of Linux on mobile devices. My search led me to find postmarketOS.

Found out that it is based on Alpine Linux and is community developed. Learned that it is a Linux based mobile OS.

Who has experience with using postmarketOS on mobile devices or has any knowledge about it? Which kind of mobile devices can it be used? Does it have any particular specs needed for mobile devices to be able to run well?

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I think about two months ago, a friend flashed postmarketOS on a PinePhone Pro. It wasn’t as fast as Android but it was not dead slow either. It actually achieves the goal of full control. My friend tweaked everything possible on the phone and was even able to to optimize kernel to improve the battery life of the phone. Phish UI was used to have access.