Do you lock your work computer or laptop when you leave your desk?

I always lock my workstation. It’s kinda like putting on my seatbelt. Because there is nothing worse than your IT boss walking past your desk and noticing you left your computer unlocked. Even worse if you have a dozen tabs open, including Amazon and eBay :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What about you?

I have my auto lock set to 5 mins. Screen dims at 4 mins so I can move the mouse to avoid getting locked out while reading.

I should increase because due to covid I’ve traveled only 2 times in the past 2 years. So not really worried about my laptop privacy currently.

I always auto lock, and I work remote. One time my kids were smashing the keyboard and replying to teammates. :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

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I always lock it and suggest developing that habit.


Always locking my computer!
The hardest part is to get everyone around to do it also😅
They seem to think that: “what can happen?” And the argument is that it’s extra “work” to unlock it…

Security awareness training is much needed so i might run them through some scenarios about what CAN happen if you don’t lock it up👍


I am this very free person that finds having to lock things too much of a stress. I work in the IT department of a high school and if I have to leave my desk for something, I just leave what I was doing on my laptop and leave. Even some students come in to play with the laptop if I leave for a long time

I always lock my workstation when I leave my desk.

Actually, this is one of the important matters of Information Security and is called “Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy” in ISO 27001 document.

An employee who leaves their workstation unattended risks unauthorized access, loss of confidentiality, and damage to the sensitive information contained in digital and physical materials.

According to ISO 27001:

  • Employee-used devices, such as laptops, scanners, printers, and notebooks, should be protected with key locks when not in use or left unattended.

  • Employees should leave their devices logged off when leaving their workspace and leaving them unattended. Reactivating the device should only be possible with user authentication. All endpoint employee devices, such as computers, should have automatic time-out and log-out features.

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I set my work PC to automatically lock itself if it is not actively in use within three minutes. The screen would first of all sleep after a minute of inactivity. I think that helps me because I might not be able to manually lock it anytime I have to step out of desk.

It is much low time 5 minutes. Because if you are learning a Youtube video of 1 hour then you need to move mouse all the time. If you set up to 15 mins or 30 mins it could be a reasonable time. I have disabled for this reason. However, I lock desktop when leaving it.

Every. Single. Time.
If my coworkers leave a workstation unlocked… well, they’ll have a fancy new My Little Pony background when they get back. Also evil, screenshot the screen and use that as the background, then minimize everything :smiley:

When we hear confidential financial information of a company leaked, it is mostly as a result of theft of such data and information from workstation PCs that have been kept carelessly like that without locking. I am a culprit too but it is not safe.

These incident could arrive. I think a facial recognization should be implemented on the PC. So if the camera see that someone else despite the employee comes to perform some actions, it should auto lock the PC. Old releases of PC doesn’t implement facial recognization so these incidents occur.